ISIS AND THE NEW WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST: HOW IS IT BEING COVERED - Dr Abbas Khadim, a prominent scholar from Berkley and John Hopkins. 

Then, War Deepens in Nigeria - with Omoyele Sowore.

Today, we welcome Lisa Vives, Editor or Global Information Network Compiles and publishes Africa News Bulletin based on African Sources--talk about coverage of Ebola.

First Guest is Anya Stigliz. We will be discussing her new book on Investigative Reporting.

Second Guest Robert Parry, who is the at Editor Consortium News. We will speak on Ukraine and also have a discussion of Press Coverage as NATO meets in S Wales.

First guest is Bryson Hull, Managing Editor of the Who What Where website Author of new piece critiquing media role in beheading of US freelancer in Syria. Second guest is musician Nenad Bach on Musicians as journalists---A new movie about him premiered last night and showed him as a human rights musician using music to alert audiences to social issues and media concerns.

First guest, Eric Tait Jr, veteran ABC producer, active member of National Association of Black Journalist with media analysis show on Manhattan Cable.

Second guest  Ed Rampell, progressive film historian, critic and Hollywood-based Commentator on coverage of Deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.   

Today's guest will be Michael Albert, Editor of Z NET and Z Magazine.

First guest is Lauren Lyster of Hot Stock Minute & Yahoo Finance.

Second guest is Gregory Wilpert; who is a German-American sociologist (Ph.D. Brandeis University) and currently work as Director of the website of Telesur English, a pan-American television channel that was founded by President Chavez of Venezuela in 2005. The English website just launched on July 24 of this year. Telesur English has its headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, where I am now based. Previously to this job I worked as a freelance writer in New York City and taught political science as an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College's Graduate Center for Worker Education. In 2003 I founded (with others) the website, a site that provides regular news and analysis on Venezuelan society and politics. My most recent book is Changing Venezuela by Taking Power: The Policies of the Chavez Government (Verso Books, 2007).

Interview with Jim Naurekas, media Analyst of FAIR--Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Also my second guest interview will be Professor Michel Chossudovsky.

Will be speaking with guest Ali Abunimah, editor of Electronic Intifada. Also we will be joined by journalist Max Blumenthal who has reported widely on political repression in Israel.

Today's guest will be Investigative Reporter And Columnist "Greg Palast".

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