Archive for May 2012

CORPORATE ABUSES: Dan Rather Discusses Corporate Pressure on network news; Bill Still previews the meeting of the Bildebergers in Virgina and two Coca-Cola workers charge racism and discrimination.

With Rory O Connor, author of Friends, Followers and the Future: How Social Media Are Changing Politics, Threatening Big Bramds and Killing Traditional Media (City Lights)

Greg Ruggeiro, Editor of the Occupy Pamphlet Series www.

And music from Occupy This Album

Police reform in new york city, 0wsradio

Assessing Occupy's May Day Impact with David Degraw, of with a raucus in-studop performance by Occupy's Guitar Army ("Gitarmy"); Discussion of the financial crisis as a "financial coup' detat" with former Bush Administration Assistant Secretary of Housing  and Wall Street Exec, Catherine Austin Fitts.

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