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Jolie Terraszas on Drones in Pakistan

Ambassador Donald Tiffany Bliss takes an in-depth look at the intricacies of Mark

Twain's America in his new book , "MARK TWAIN'S TALE OF TODAY: Halley's

Comet Returns-The Celebrated Author Critiques American Politics" (Sept 20,

2012). The great-grandson and grandson of Twain publishers, Ambassador Bliss

combines his lifelong interest in Mark Twain with over thirty years of experience

in the Nation's capitol-both serving in the federal government and as a partner of

a major international law firm-to trace the evolution of Twain's political and policy

views and illustrate their continuing relevance to contemporary American politics

and foreign policy.

Ronnie Kasrils

Ronnie was a leader of the South African liberation struggle organizing underground resistance and armed Struggle. He became a Minister in the South African government, first for Water Affairs and then Intelligence

He was a juror in the recent Russell Tribunal on Palestine in New York. He has written three books.

Marta Steele author of a new book on the fight for election integrity

Grassroots, Geeks, Pros, and Pols: How the People Lost and Won, 2000-2008(the Election Integrity movement's rise and nonstop battle to win back the people's vote)

Coming out this month from CICJ Press!

Greg Palast,

author of Billionaires& Ballot Bandits: How To Steal An Election in 9 East Steps (Seven Stories). See Vultures, Palast Investigative

Rick Theis,

Here are links to relevant information about Corporations Are NOT People And Money Is NOT Speech, working group of Occupy Wall Street:


Tim Frawley,

Alternative voting experiment.

The People's Lawyer:  Carl Meyer who won the NDAA suit IN STUDIO

Carl Mayer dedicates his law practice, writing and electoral efforts to ending the tyranny of corporate power over American citizens.

He has written in law journals opposing efforts by corporations to use the Bill of Rights intended only for American citizens to shield corporations from accountability and legal sanction.

The Peoples Bishop: George Packard

Retired Episcopal Bishop George Packard was arrested in Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in New York City on Tuesday night as he participated in the May 1 Occupy demonstrations. He and 15 other military veterans were taken into custody after they linked arms to hold the plaza against a police attempt to clear it.

Dr. Matino Taylor

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