DS intro to issue of banking--JP Morgam fine etc

Cathy O’Neil earned a Ph.D. in math from Harvard, was postdoc at the MIT math department, and a professor at Barnard College where she published a number of research papers in arithmetic algebraic geometry. She then chucked it and switched over to the private sector. She worked as a quant for the hedge fund D.E. Shaw in the middle of the credit crisis, and then for RiskMetrics, a risk software company that assesses risk for the holdings of hedge funds and banks. She is currently doing stuff with data at Johnson Research Labs, writes a blog at mathbabe.org, and is involved with Occupy Wall Street's Alternative Banking group.

What John Connally told Celente about JFK assassination and America's future

KINGSTON, NY, 19 November 2013—John Connally had asked Gerald Celente to
meet him for lunch in Dallas on October 25, 1992. He wanted to discuss
the upcoming presidential election and Celente’s prescient forecast in
/Trend Tracking/ (John Wiley, 1989) identifying Ross Perot as a
political maverick that could lead a third party movement.Following lunch at the Anatole Hotel, Celente, John Connally, his wife
Nellie and four others piled into a limousine and drove to the Dallas
Book Depository. It was Connally's and his wife's first visit back to
the site since the assassination. They didn’t even attend the dedication
ceremony when the Book Depository was turned into a museum on
Presidents' Day, 1989.

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