Guests include media literacy advocate Irene McGee, and Maria Armoudian. a radio host and author of a new book of media critciism.

Guests Jeff Warrick director of PROGRAMMING THE NATION, a new film about sublimional messaging, and Thomas Cooper author of MEDIA FAST - responses to an age of media overload.

Guests Phyllis Bennis on Lybia, Mary Lee Wad on residential eviction, and Fred Wilcox, author of "Schorched Earth".

Guests Max Keiser and Stacy Hubert, financial analysts and broadcasters, and Nancy Gertner, former federal judge.

Danny reports live from the #occupywallstreet protest at NYC's Zucotti Park.

Danny Schechter discusses the latest on Occupy Wall Street, and interviews Loretta Napoleoni, author of Maonomicson the Chinese economy and Columbia University Professor and former SDS President Todd Gitlin about the wave of protests, his book on Israel and remembrances of another SDS leader, the author Carl Ogelsby who dies this month.

We discuss Occupy Wall Street with Marc Ash of Reader Supported News, an eyewitnness of what happening in Oakland and Jeremy Kessler who writes on the NYPD on N1 magzine

Lee Camp, political comedian joins us in the second half hour

Randy Fertel, Author of The Gorilla Man and The Empress of Steak.

Guests on Armistice Day: Ed Strossner and Michael Prince, authors of STUPID WARS and financial expert Aaron Krowne, editor of

A discussion of #OWS and its future with David DeGraw, Ian Escuela, Catherine Waters, and "Goldie Locks".

Discussion of Occupy Wall Street and the Foreclosure Crisis with Ray Lewis, retired Captain of the Philadelphia Police Department, Kate, Occupy Activist, and Martin Andelman, who writes the Mandelman blog on foreclosure issues on


Russ Baker, editor of and author "Syriaously," a provocative report on the fighting there.

Gary Stein joins Danny to talk about Alan Greenspan and how Ayn Rand's beliefs influenced our nation's economic culture

What now?  Occupy Wall Street.

Former Marine Sergeant  Shmar Thomas and Anarchist/Activist Priya Reedy join the show.

The News Dissector
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